Green Peak Innovations grows and cultivates the finest medical cannabis in Michigan.

We use the soil, the sun, the land and the people of our state to raise both industry standards and expectations. We’re building all-new facilities and using advanced technology to cultivate high-quality medicine that is safer for our patients, our communities and our state.

Why Green Peak


No matter your medical condition or issue, you can trust GPI products to be safe. Our cultivation processes are formulated to produce the best experiences for patients to ensure maximum relief from their ailments with no unwanted side effects. All products are tested and labeled so patients know they can expect the highest quality every time they use it.


To grow the highest-quality product, GPI invests in the newest technology for cutting-edge results. Our cultivation takes place in a state-of-the-art facility, and we use technology that closely mimics nature – including grow lights that replicate the spectrums of the sun, nutrient rich soils and water filtered by reverse osmosis.


We work both for and with the residents of local communities. We’re committed to ensuring our products only reach the qualified patients that need them, so our facilities are designed to be secure from the public but open to law enforcement at any time. GPI only employs individuals committed to public safety as their top priority.

Our Promise

Our commitment is simple and powerful. At GPI, we promise to deliver high-quality medicines cultivated in the cleanest, safest environment possible for patients. We’re entirely focused on elevating the level of product and professionalism in the Michigan cannabis industry. Patients in Michigan looking to relieve their suffering can trust GPI to provide them with the best medical experience. Communities in Michigan can depend on GPI as a partner in maintaining public safety as a priority.

About Us

Green Peak Innovations started with a belief in the powerful healing properties of cannabis. Our founding partners are business professionals with decades of experience outside the cannabis industry. With experience that ranges from apparel manufacturing to food processing to healthcare policy, we believe we have the knowledge and insight to create a unique cannabis company. At its core, the GPI partnership was developed to bring this professional expertise to an industry that promises to help ease the suffering of hundreds of thousands of Michiganders and millions of Americans.

GPI takes our commitment to patients and public safety seriously. Our cultivation practices are intentionally designed to replicate a natural grow environment while ensuring our facilities are the cleanest, safest and most secure in Michigan. We employ professional individuals of high character dedicated to these values, and emphasize working with veterans of the U.S. military whenever possible.

Our goal at GPI is to consistently be the most compliant and trusted company in the industry while delivering safe, high-quality products to patients

Medicinal Properties

Medicinal cannabis has been available to patients in Michigan since 2008. Currently, there are 29 states with medical cannabis laws, and more consider adoption every year due to its various healing properties that can improve a number of serious ailments and conditions.

Research has shown the medicinal properties of cannabis can assist in reducing pain and inflammation, healing broken bones and aiding in recovery of traumatic brain injury, along with many other preventive and healing powers. This is due to the human body’s endocannabinoid system, a group of naturally occurring cannabinoid receptors in the brain, heart, lungs and bones, and elsewhere throughout the entire nervous system. These systems regulate a number of the body’s physiological processes, such as appetite, pain sensation, mood and memory. When patients ingest medical cannabis, the THC and cannabidiol (CBD) found naturally in the plant help bolster the effects of their body’s own cannabinoid system.



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